Frequently Asked Questions

How do You Deliver the Services?

All our services are provided online via video-conferencing. A session will be created for you by the dietitian and you can connect to the session via your internet-connected home computer or mobile device.


What is Required to Connect to a Session?

You must have a computer or mobile device, connected to the internet. A minimum 5 Mbps connection is required. If you're using a Linux-Based operating system, you must use either Chrome or Chromium browser. 



How Long is an Initial Consult or Follow-up?

An initial consultation will be both booked and billed for a full 1-hour slot in the dietitian's calendar. However, many dietary needs can be addressed in less time. As a result, your consultation may or may not need to be the full hour. Similarly, a follow-up session will be booked as a 30 minute session but may or may not require the full duration booked. Please bear in mind that, since the entire slot is booked in the dietitian's calendar, you will be billed for the entire slot regardless of how much time your appointment takes. 


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