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I'm here to find those foods that fight you, and those that befriend you; to help you build a nutritional road-map to healthy (and happy!) eating. Which is all well-and-good but.. what does that really mean?

As a Registered Dietitian, I offer to BC and Yukon residents nutritional and dietetic services, such as food and nutrient analysis, nutrition screening, dietary intake assessments and support for those with chronic eating disorders, digestive issues and/or road-blocks to healthy eating. Living in Northern BC, I understand the challenges of finding nutritional services in smaller or rural communities. Winter travel can be hazardous. Many make a living on their farms or ranches and can't leave their livelihoods for long. Some have mobility issues. The fact is; not everyone can come to their Dietitian.

So, where I differ is in the delivery.

I offer my services via online video-conferencing so we can converse and provide you practical care right in your own home. There's no need to travel to the nearest health unit. If you have a high-speed internet connection* at home and either a computer or mobile device, I can help. 



Starting on our way to getting you healthier

If you're new to Nourished Again Nutrition or you haven't met with the Dietitian for quite some time, you'll be starting here.

We'll be meeting online to discuss what we can do together to get you feeling healthy and happy again. We'll also book a Follow-Up check-in at a later date, to see how you're doing. 


Consultation & Subsequent


Extended healthy-eating support

If you're needing a little more support over a more extended period, you're covered.

We'll meet online to discuss your healthy eating habits and strategies. We'll also book three separate Follow-Up check-ins at a later date, to track your progress.


Add-On eMail Support

Online eMail support for the less-involved

Not every situation requires a lengthy discussion, detailed plan or an in-depth probing.

If you need basic support, sent right to your private email, I'm here to help. I'll offer 3-months support by email in addition to any regular service.

*Note: There may be instances when the Dietitian determines more time is required to properly address your concerns and may request you book an appointment


Consultation & Genomic Testing

Getting to the root "code" of the problem

Sometimes we do need a little help finding what works for you. With that in mind, I do offer Genomic Testing through a Toronto-based third-party*.

You'll be mailed a kit with a simple salvia-based genome test and we'll meet at a later time to discuss how we can make the best use of the results.

For more information:           


*Price is subject to change without notice

Bundled Services

The Best of healthful eating

Are you looking for full, in-depth, counselling to really get to the heart of your nutritional health?

I offer a bundled service, including the initial consultation, three follow-up appointments and the Nutrigenomix genome testing kit. I'll also include the eMail support for three months so you're completely covered!


*Price is subject to change without notice

Diet, nutrition and healthy eating can be trickier subjects than you might think. You may have found that what works for dozens of others to aid in combating a shared malady hasn't worked for you nearly as well as it has for them. The reality is that there is no single solution to nutritional health. No super-food "holy grail", unfortunately. But, that doesn't mean you're left to suffer in silence. Chances-are, you can do something about it... and, I'm here to help.

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