About Rebecca

I am a wife and mother to three children and, other than a brief stint in Edmonton for university, I have lived in the north my entire life. I grew up on a cattle ranch, enjoying the outdoors. I absolutely love northern BC, with all the mountains, lakes, rivers and wildlife!

It was my mother's many food allergies and celiac disease that first got me interested in nutrition and in the more than 12 years I have worked as a dietitian, I've never looked back. I have worked with all age groups from infants to seniors in long-term care homes. I love seeing the impact good food has on people's lives. However, I also know the challenges in the north, where it can be really hard to find nice produce in the stores in January and if you do, it's expensive!

I also know first-hand the role good nutrition plays as I balance life with a genetic condition that causes IBS, migraines, interstitial cystitis and GERD as well as managing the health of our Métis son with moderately severe gluten intolerance. So, yes, I know what it's like to need that extra planning for healthy eating!


What this all means is that I am ready to support you in eating the best way possible for your health; translating my knowledge, experience and empathy into a meaningful plan to let you love your food again!

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